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If the phone calls coming into The Messenger’s office are any indication, there is considerable outrage from Mount Airy to Washington, D.C. and NYC about N.C. Granite Corp. losing a $5.5 million contract for work on the 9/11 memorial to an Italian firm.
A spokesperson with the 9/11 Memorial & Museum Committee says that they have no control over a subcontractor’s decision, which is where N.C. Granite submitted its bid. But the folks over at N.C. Granite say they were blindsided by the rejection, being told of the decision in an email.
Officials there say they will lobby for more media exposure on the decision and have already contacted their congressional representatives. In addition to losing the contract to a foreign firm, N.C. Granite now says it will likely have to lay off 40 workers at a time when jobs are hard to come by.


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If you have any political ambitions, specifically inside the Mount Airy city limits, this is the time to apply to City Hall to fill Mayor Deborah Cochran’s vacant commissioner’s seat.
Last week, after Teresa Lewis reiterated her interest in the seat, the city council voted to take applications until Thursday at 5 p.m. for the board seat. Lewis told the council that she applied for the job when she ran for mayor. Lewis, who garnered 900 votes in her second-place finish to Cochran, says that she has the necessary business and civic experience for the post.
The council agreed to a motion by Commissioner Dean Brown who put forward the week-long timetable for applications. The board has not yet decided on how they will select a commissioner. Candidates could be asked to field questions or they could be named to the seat by a majority vote.
Other potential applicants include Gene Clark and Paul Eich, who finished third and fourth in the mayor’s race.

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