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April Fools Day

Just curious as to what you might have planned for April Fools Day. Is the joy in getting fooled, or in fooling someone else? What’s the best April Fools Day gag you’ve participated in?

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Time to make your picks

Who’s your choice in the NCAA Basketball Tournament? Are you going with the “home” team, Carolina? Or are you going more with your head than your heart? Be sure to enter our pool for the community by going back to our homepage and clicking on the graphic at the top of the page. You could share in the $1,000 we’re giving away.

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Given the depth and breadth of Judge Mark Badgett’s official misconduct, the astounding thing is not that the N.C. Supreme Court suspended him for two months, but that it didn’t choose to remove him entirely.

This is a man who violated the absolute most basic trust the people must have in their judges.

He lied.

Under oath.

To the Judicial Standards Commission of the state of North Carolina.

The list of Badgett’s transgressions is far longer than that alone, including several equally as serious. The commission and then the Supreme Court found overwhelming evidence of a pattern of judicial misconduct and lack of judicial temperament that any rational person would conclude make him unfit to serve. That he is continuing to campaign for re-election, or that anyone would seriously consider voting for him, beggars the imagination.

Consider these words the Supreme Court chose to use to refer to Badgett in its ruling: “willful misconduct and persistent failure to perform his duties,” adding that “willful misconduct in office denotes ‘improper and wrong conduct of a judge acting in his official capacity done intentionally, knowingly and, generally, in bad faith. It is more than a mere error or an act of negligence.'”

The Judicial Standards Commission determined that Badgett’s testimony in its hearings “was not credible.” The Supreme Court found this “especially troubling because [Badgett] was under oath and sworn to tell the truth.”

It also was highly critical of Badgett’s actions in his courtroom, finding that in one event, “the tenor of his demands carried an air of menace.” The threats Badgett made, from the bench, directed at Surry District Attorney Ricky Bowman, were meant to get Badgett a personal favor, and arose from an inappropriate business relationship the judge had with an attorney who would appear before him.

We invite you to read the complete ruling online at http://www.aoc.state.nc.us/www/public/sc/opinions/2008/173-07-1.htm

We have to wonder why the Supreme Court’s suspension is the only legal action taken against Badgett. Lying under oath to the Judicial Standards Commission ought to bring the interest of the state attorney general’s office. It sounds like a textbook definition of felonious perjury. The N.C. State Bar also ought to be yanking Badgett’s license to practice law, which would make him ineligible to continue serving as a judge.

By far too many accounts Badgett has been a judge more concerned with maintaining his conviction rate than dispensing impartial justice. He has poisoned his relationship with the district attorney’s office, calling into question the fairness of any criminal trial before him.

He should have the decency to resign immediately, but given his megalomania that’s unlikely. If the Judicial Standards Commission, the state Supreme Court, the state attorney general or the N.C. State Bar won’t rid us of him, it will be left to the voters this November to do the right and just thing.





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Our own Rep. Virginia Foxx was on the Congressional committee that heard testimony from baseball great Roger Clemens on Wednesday regarding use of performance-enhancing drugs. Here’s what Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci had to say in his live blog about her:Virginia Foxx (R-NC) made it clear that she would rather not be at the hearings, that Congress shouldn’t be involved in baseball matters. ‘I think we’ve been playing gotcha games and I don’t agree with that,’ Foxx said. Then Foxx proceeded to prove beyond a doubt that she truly didn’t belong there. She showed a poster of Clemens in four different photographs for four different teams (Boston, New York, Toronto, Houston), the exact dates of which she had no idea. ‘You appear to me to be about the same size,’ she said. ‘It doesn’t appear to me that your size has changed much.’ Great. Now Foxx can tell us whether players are using PEDs just on body type in photographs. It’s exactly that kind of sloppy eyeball detective work that we should have left behind a decade ago.” Just thought you’d like to know.

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A Blogger’s Message

The following is from John Evers, one of our bloggers: On March 6th, I will be giving a presentation at the Mount Airy City Council meeting at 7:00pm. The presentation is regarding the idea of Mount Airy starting a Youth Commission.  I’ll explain more that night, but I strongly feel that this would be fantastic for both – The City of Mount Airy, as well as those youth who would serve on the Youth Commission.  I believe it would be a win-win situation.  The city would hear first-hand what is on the hearts and minds of our young people, and those teens would gain experience and knowledge of local government.  Those youth will also learn from experience how to come up with solutions and how to present these plans to city leaders.  I firmly believe that this would help develop not only leaders of tomorrow, but for today as well. Thanks for your help. 

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Something for Nothing

I needed some hot sauce and grabbed a small bottle of Texas Pete at Lowes. Then I noticed that another bottle had a coupon around its neck. If I bought one bottle, the coupon would get me another one free. Great, so I grabbed another. And the deal got even better at checkout. First the register rang up both bottles at 99 cents each. Then the coupon was swiped through and it subtracted 99 cents, and then it subtracted another 99 cents because the store doubles all coupons. So I got both bottles free. Life is really good. I felt like going back and clearing out the Texas Pete shelves, but that would have ruined it for the next person.Oh, and one more food-related tidbit: There was a display with a big sign on it advertising “Half Ham.” My first reaction was, if it’s not ham, what’s the other half?

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The Mount Airy City Council is going to take a look at the rates it charges for water usage, rates that it raised about 45 percent last year in the wake of losses from major industrial users.Studying the issue is fine because it will give the council and its constituents a clear look at the alternatives. It’s easy to bitch about the water rates, but it’s hard to decide on a fair alternative. The city can’t simply lower rates and absorb the shortfall.So I’m asking our bloggers, where’s the money going to come from? Higher property taxes? Raising other user fees? And if you say “cutting waste,” be specific about what you would cut and how much that would save.

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