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Our own Rep. Virginia Foxx was on the Congressional committee that heard testimony from baseball great Roger Clemens on Wednesday regarding use of performance-enhancing drugs. Here’s what Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci had to say in his live blog about her:Virginia Foxx (R-NC) made it clear that she would rather not be at the hearings, that Congress shouldn’t be involved in baseball matters. ‘I think we’ve been playing gotcha games and I don’t agree with that,’ Foxx said. Then Foxx proceeded to prove beyond a doubt that she truly didn’t belong there. She showed a poster of Clemens in four different photographs for four different teams (Boston, New York, Toronto, Houston), the exact dates of which she had no idea. ‘You appear to me to be about the same size,’ she said. ‘It doesn’t appear to me that your size has changed much.’ Great. Now Foxx can tell us whether players are using PEDs just on body type in photographs. It’s exactly that kind of sloppy eyeball detective work that we should have left behind a decade ago.” Just thought you’d like to know.

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A Blogger’s Message

The following is from John Evers, one of our bloggers: On March 6th, I will be giving a presentation at the Mount Airy City Council meeting at 7:00pm. The presentation is regarding the idea of Mount Airy starting a Youth Commission.  I’ll explain more that night, but I strongly feel that this would be fantastic for both – The City of Mount Airy, as well as those youth who would serve on the Youth Commission.  I believe it would be a win-win situation.  The city would hear first-hand what is on the hearts and minds of our young people, and those teens would gain experience and knowledge of local government.  Those youth will also learn from experience how to come up with solutions and how to present these plans to city leaders.  I firmly believe that this would help develop not only leaders of tomorrow, but for today as well. Thanks for your help. 

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Something for Nothing

I needed some hot sauce and grabbed a small bottle of Texas Pete at Lowes. Then I noticed that another bottle had a coupon around its neck. If I bought one bottle, the coupon would get me another one free. Great, so I grabbed another. And the deal got even better at checkout. First the register rang up both bottles at 99 cents each. Then the coupon was swiped through and it subtracted 99 cents, and then it subtracted another 99 cents because the store doubles all coupons. So I got both bottles free. Life is really good. I felt like going back and clearing out the Texas Pete shelves, but that would have ruined it for the next person.Oh, and one more food-related tidbit: There was a display with a big sign on it advertising “Half Ham.” My first reaction was, if it’s not ham, what’s the other half?

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The Mount Airy City Council is going to take a look at the rates it charges for water usage, rates that it raised about 45 percent last year in the wake of losses from major industrial users.Studying the issue is fine because it will give the council and its constituents a clear look at the alternatives. It’s easy to bitch about the water rates, but it’s hard to decide on a fair alternative. The city can’t simply lower rates and absorb the shortfall.So I’m asking our bloggers, where’s the money going to come from? Higher property taxes? Raising other user fees? And if you say “cutting waste,” be specific about what you would cut and how much that would save.

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Gas(p) pricing

So Wednesday morning I had a meeting in Elkin and couldn’t help but notice that gas prices there were seven cents lower a gallon than the lowest prices here, $2.87.9 vs. $2,94.9. What gives? There’s no tax differential like we have between here and Cana, Va. Is it simply supply and demand?

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When gifts go bad

Years ago I learned my lesson about Christmas gifts. At least I hope I did.

My wife Evie and I were newly married, and under the tree on Christmas morning she found a huge wrapped package from me.

She eagerly ripped off the paper and found . . . a brand new, just-for-you . . . green plastic laundry basket.

I mean, she needed one. The old one was falling apart.

The look on her face was not one of joy and love, not a reflection of my thoughtfulness in finding the perfect most personal gift.

Of course it was a joke. Inside the laundry basket were several other gifts for her. Things like a fresh set of vacuum cleaner bags, a leather leash for the dog and a Jane Fonda workout tape.

What went wrong? Each item had been selected with loving care. As I recall, it took until about Valentine’s Day for the thaw to set in.That’s when I gave Evie the vacuum cleaner to go with the Christmas bags.

OK, so maybe I was just a tad dense, but sometimes gifts can be wrong for reasons the giver isn’t aware of.

There was one Christmas when I was a child when my mother opened a gift from her brother Herb. Inside a beautiful wooden box was a set of fine steak knives.

My mother dropped the box and recoiled in horror. I had never seen that look on her face before, and never after.

Eventually the story came out. I’m not sure if was my mother’s Dutch upbringing, but somewhere along the line she had adopted a superstition that the giving of knives, particularly  by a loved one, indicated that that person wanted to sever the relationship.

I’m sure we never, ever, used those knives.

So what’s the worst gift you ever received for Christmas?

Or that you gave?

We’ll get to the best gifts later. 


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School Calendars

School boards are in the process of finalizing the next school calendars. Since the General Assembly succumbed to pressure and mandated a later start to schools, how do you think that’s working? A lot of folks liked the idea of finishing the semester’s exams before Christmas holidays. That’s no longer possible. But the trade off is that summer vacation is longer. Any thoughts on whtehr the deal was worth it?

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Time to Move On

I believe we’ve beaten the subjects in “So, What’s On Your Mind?” to death. So I’m closing that thread. No other submissions will be added to it.

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Spare the rod?

Do parents have the inherent right to spank their children? The Massachusetts legislature is taking up that issue, a proposal that would bar a parent from forcefully laying their hands upon a child — except to save them from danger.

Corporal punishment in the home is already illegal in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and the Ukraine.

 Is this an area we really want the government getting into? Do you spank your children, or did you? What’s its effectiveness, in your opinion? 


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Black Friday

I’ve never really gotten into the spirit of Black Friday, other than to make sure that we have a reporter covering it. The idea of fighting crowds at 4 in the morning just isn’t my idea of fun, no matter what the savings. But apparently there are plenty of folks out there who not only tolerate Black Friday, they enjoy it. I’d love to hear your stories on what makes Black Friday fun.

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