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After complaining for weeks that there wasn’t anything going on here during the weekends, I got overwhelmed with options Saturday. The Grape Jam, Latino Fest, Agriculture Festival, SCC benefit concert and Shelton concert series all piqued my interest, but there was hardly time in the afternoon for any more than one (to say nothing of Rockford’s sweet potato festival or Elkin’s art in the park). Anyone have any recollections, good or bad, regarding these events? Any you’d recommend for next year?

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After spending close to four decades in the southern part of the county, I’m now getting to know some of the many eateries in the upper half. The Cuban sandwich from Goober’s was outstanding, and the basil wraps at Thailand CafĂ© were subtle and tasteful. I’d like some suggestions from you folks on particular things I ought to try from area restaurants. I’m no snob when it comes to food, so just tell me what you think are the best things to order locally.

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